Access to available resources is provided following the peer review principles which have been established by PRACE. This access is provided to European scientists from all scientific domains, free of charge at the point of usage. Additionally, Fenix has established a programmatic access mechanism for members of the Human Brain Project (HBP) and partnering projects communities.

The Fenix Infrastructure is open to other communities who want to contribute resources and use the infrastructure. For any questions regarding access to resources of the Fenix Infrastructure, please send an email to icei-coord[at]

Human Brain Project (HBP) members and members of Partnering Projects who would like to use available resources of the Fenix Infrastructure can apply via the HBP allocation mechanism. Further information and the resource request form are available in the Fenix/ICEI Collab. This page is only accessible to for HBP members with a HBP Collaboratory account. 

If you are interested in applying to the HBP Collaboratory and the HBP Platforms, visit the “Getting Access” page on the HBP website where you will find more information about the different categories of access for the HBP Platforms.

The Human Brain Project (HBP) offers in the context of the Interactive Computing E-Infrastructure (ICEI) project access to compute and storage resources of Fenix. With this call, European neuroscientists are invited to submit proposals for using these resources for research on topics in the broader scope of the HBP.

Read the full details in the Call announcement. If you are interested in applying, please complete the template for proposals and send it to


European scientists can apply to use Fenix infrastructure services both directly or as part of a PRACE Tier-0 Project Access Call and the Call for Proposals for HPC Compute Resources from DECI (Tier-1). PRACE Calls already include the option to apply additionally for using Fenix resources provided by the ICEI project. PRACE-ICEI dedicated Calls for Proposals are also available for researchers from academia and research institutes in need of scalable computing resources, interactive computing services, Virtual Machine services and data storage to carry on their research.

Should you be interested in applying to the these calls, please visit the PRACE webpage where you will find more information on how to apply.

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Fenix has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme through the ICEI project under the grant agreement No. 800858.