Deliverables of the ICEI project

Please find below the list of the public deliverables of the ICEI project:

Deliverable number Title
D 1.1 Report on Quality Control Procedure
D 1.5 Fenix Governance
D 2.1 Project Website
D 2.3 Dissemination Material (not accepted by the EC yet)
D 2.4 Updated Dissemination Material
D 3.3 Fenix User Management and Resource Service
D 3.4 Validation Framework
D 3.5 Consolidated e-Infrastructure validation and testing report
D 3.6 Scientific Use Case Requirements Documentation
D 4.2 Infrastructure at ETHZ/CSCS
D 4.3 Infrastructure at JUELICH-JSC (not accepted by the EC yet)
D 4.4 Infrastructure at CEA (not accepted by the EC yet)
D 4.5 Infrastructure at BSC
D 4.6 Infrastructure at CINECA
D 4.7 Report on Deployed Infrastructure
D 4.8 R&D Results
D 5.1 Report on Resource Allocation Mechanism Specification
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Fenix has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme through the ICEI project under the grant agreement No. 800858.