Available Resources - CSCS

The ICEI project is currently able provide researchers with access to resources listed in the table below:





Total ICEI (100%)



Techincal Details
Scalable Computing Services  
Piz Daint Multicore CSCS (CH) 250 nodes 1 node

•    Memory per node: 64 GB, 128 GB
•    Compute nodes/processors: 1813 Cray XC40 nodes with Two Intel® Xeon® E5-2695 v4 @ 2.10GHz (2 x 18 cores) CPUs
•    Interconnect configuration: Cray Aries

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Interactive Computing Services  
Piz Daint Hybrid CSCS (CH) 400 nodes 1 node

•    Memory per node: 64 GB
•    GPU memory: 16 GB CoWoS HBM2
•    Compute nodes/processors: 5704 Cray XC50 nodes with Intel® Xeon® E5-2690 v3 @ 2.60GHz (12 cores) CPUs and NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 GPUs
•    Interconnect configuration: Cray Aries

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VM Services  
OpenStack Cluster CSCS (CH) 35 servers 1 VM

•    2 types of compute node:
     o    Type 1:
     CPU: 2x Intel E5-2660 v4 14C
     RAM: 512 GBCPU
     o    Type 2:
     CPU: 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2667 v3 @ 3.20GHz 8C
     RAM: 768 GB
   •    VMs can be of various flavours and use several cores up to 16

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Archival Data Repositories  
Store POSIX and Object, including backup on Tape library (2x) CSCS (CH) 4000 TB 1 TB For more details click here.
Active Data Repositories  
Low latency storage tier (DataWarp) CSCS (CH) 80 TB 1 TB Non-Volatile Memory
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