Below is the list of available Fenix HPC and data infrastructure services for research communities and users. Click on each title for more details on the specific services.


Interactive Computing Services

Quick access to single compute servers to analyse and visualise data interactively, or to connect to running simulations, which are using the scalable compute services.

Scalable Computing Services

Massively parallel HPC systems that are suitable for highly parallel brain simulations or for high-throughput data analysis tasks.

Virtual Machine Services

Service for deploying virtual machines (VMs) in a stable and controlled environment that is, for example, suitable for deploying platform services like the HBP Collaboratory, image services or neuromorphic computing front-end services.

Active Data Repositories

Site-local data repositories close to computational and/or visualization resources that are used for storing temporary replicas of data sets. In the near future they will typically be realised using parallel file systems.

Archival Data Repositories

Federated data storage, optimized for capacity, reliability and availability that is used for long-term storage of large data sets which cannot be easily regenerated. These data stores allow the sharing of data with other researchers inside and outside of HBP

Data Mover Service

Programmable, high-speed, scalable and secure data movement between Active Data Repositories and Archival Data Repositories.

Fenix User and Resource Management Service

Service for facilitating the intuitive management of federated resources in the Fenix Research Infrastructure.

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