Fenix User and Resource Management Service (FURMS)

Fenix User and Resource Management Service (FURMS)

In the FURMS approach of federated resource management, Fenix sites register their services and associated resources in the central FURMS instance. These resources are in turn allocated to projects within communities, according to the rules of the community. Fenix users can login at FURMS in order to access and manage their resource allocations at the different sites. FURMS provides users with information, e.g., on the status of their projects and the amount of allocated and consumed resources within a given project. Authentication is done using the central Fenix AAI.

Access to FURMS

The central FURMS instance is available at https://furms.fz-juelich.de/. For authentication, there is a choice of Human Brain Project (HBP) or one of the Fenix hosting sites: BSC, CEA, CINECA, CSCS, JSC.

More Information

You will find valuable information in the Recording of 17th Fenix webinar ”Federated Resource Management using FURMS”. Moreover, you may find the news item “Fenix User and Resource Management Service Use in Production” helpful.

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