11 May 2023
Place: Norfolk, US

Our colleague Shiting Long, from Forschungszentrum Jülich, is giving a presentation at the CHEP2023 on May 11, 2023. She talks about "Integrating FTS in the Fenix HPC infrastructure", which aims to discuss how it would be possible to leverage HPC resources with Fenix using the data transfer service.


About the event

The CHEP conferences are designed to address the computing, networking, and software challenges faced by the world's most data-intensive scientific experiments, which currently process hundreds of petabytes of data using computing resources around the globe. With over 500 participants typically in attendance, the conference offers a unique opportunity for computing experts in the particle and nuclear physics fields to collaborate and share knowledge. The conference includes plenary sessions, parallel sessions, and poster presentations, and the proceedings are peer-reviewed.

As technology and scientific initiatives change, the conference's focus adapts accordingly. Plenary sessions cover various scientific and computing topics to ensure a diverse and engaging program that reflects the community's interests. The upcoming conference will emphasize high-performance data organization, management, and access (DOMA), a topic of particular relevance and interest to the scientific community.

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