NSG and HPAC – Large Scale Simulations and Data Processing

19 Oct 2019
Place: Chicago Downtown, USA

The "NSG and HPAC – Large Scale Simulations and Data Processing" workshop is a satellite workshop of the Neuroscience 2019 conference and it takes place on Saturday 19 October 2019 at 8:30-12:30 in Chicago Downtown, USA. Alexander Peyser from the Jülich Supercomputing Center is one of the workshop's organisers and speakers. In his presentation "Introduction to the Neuroscience Gateway" to take place on 08:45-09:15, Peyser provides a brief overview of the Neuroscience Gateway, including all the tools, software and pipelines that are provided via NSG on supercomputing resources as well as an introduction to the ICEI/Fenix infrastructure and resources.

About the event

This workshop is intended for neuroscientists who need to use high performance computing (HPC) resources for computationally intensive tasks such as large modeling projects or analysis of neuroimaging data. The Neuroscience Gateway Portal (NSG) enables neuroscientists to do large scale simulations and data processing on the US NSF funded supercomputers and academic cloud resources located at various academic supercomputing centers. NSG allows tool developers to disseminate their newly developed tools on NSG which has a growing user base. NSG is also used for teaching at classrooms and workshops. Speakers at the workshop discuss their research where large scale modeling, data processing and data management are important.


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