Online Bernstein Conference 2020

29 Sep 2020
Place: Online

Fenix is present at the Online Bernstein Conference 2020 from 29 September to 1 October at two virtual booths: the SimLab Neuroscience and the Human Brain Project (HBP) booths, which offer an overview of their research activities.

At the SimLab Neuroscience booth, in addition to talks and video presentations, members of the SimLab Neuroscience are available for personal conversations, while the Fenix team is present to offer support to neuroscientists who would like to apply for using computing, cloud and storage resources that are available within the Fenix e-infrastructure.

At the HBP booth, visitors can interact with HBP neuroscientists and learn about the latest HBP research and developments. A Fenix video presentation and Q&A is part of the booth's activities, with a preliminary date and time: 30 September at 15:15 CEST.

Read all the information about the upcoming event here.

About SimLab Neuroscience and Human Brain Project

The SimLab Neuroscience at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) serves as a bridge between neuroscience and high-performance computing (HPC) by providing high-level, community-oriented support for neuroscientists. It is also responsible for the coordination and dissemination of networks, projects and alliances in which the SimLab is engaged, including the HBP and our Interactive Computing E-Infrastructure (ICEI) project.

The HBP is building a research infrastructure to help advance neuroscience, medicine, and computing. It is one of four FET (Future and Emerging Technology) Flagships, the largest scientific projects ever funded by the European Union.

About the event

Each year the Bernstein Network invites the international computational neuroscience community to the annual Bernstein Conference for intensive scientific exchange. The Bernstein Conference has established itself as one of the most renown conferences worldwide in this field, attracting students, postdocs and PIs from around the world to meet and discuss new scientific discoveries.

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Fenix has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme through the ICEI project under the grant agreement No. 800858.