SOS24 Virtual Conference

11 Mar 2021
Place: Online


Robert Haas from IBM Research gives a talk at SOS24 Virtual Conference that takes place online on 10-25 March 2021. The talk, held on 11 March at 17:10-17:30, is titled "Massive Storage with Tape-Based Technology for Cloud Environments" and is focused on the collaboration on the ICEI R&D for Swift enhancement.

About the event

SOS is an invitation-only series of highly interactive workshops on Distributed Supercomputing organized by Sandia National Laboratories, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre.

The SOS24 workshop consists of a series of three-hour meetings scheduled over three-week time as follows:

    Week 1: March 10 (Wed) / 11 (Thu)
    Week 2: March 15 (Mon) / 17 (Wed) / 18 (Thu)
    Week 3: March 24 (Wed) / 25 (Thu)

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