PPI4HPC and ICEI/Fenix featuring in the updated EC Innovation Procurement brochure

28 Jan 2021

This news story was originally published on the PPI4HPC website at: https://ppi4hpc.eu/news/ppi4hpc-and-iceifenix-featuring-updated-ec-innovation-procurement-brochure

PPI4HPC and ICEI/Fenix feature among innovation procurement projects in the latest brochure published by the European Commission (EC). The updated brochure provides an overview of EU funded innovation procurements in the ICT domain.

The document includes information on how these projects are bringing ICT based solutions to the market to address challenges of public interest in a variety of sectors, such as health, transport, climate change, energy, and public administration. It also includes details on the impact that completed procurement procedures have had on procurers and companies.

Among the projects, we find details on how the PPI4HPC procurers coordinate their roadmaps for providing European scientists and engineers with optimised HPC resources. As it is mentioned in the borchure, PPI4HPC paves the path for EuroHPC, a Joint undertaking in which the European Commission and Member States invest over €1 Bn in joint procurement cooperation between 2019-2026.

The related project ICEI is also included in the brochure, as an initiative that delivers the Fenix federated e-infrastructure services across Europe. It involves a coordinated procurement of equipment with a total volume of about 30 €M. The document points out that part of the ICEI procurements contain new services and are procured by one ICEI member for one of the wider buyers group, while others concern equipment and are procured individually by the ICEI procurers. 

Read the EC story and download the brochure here.

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Fenix has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme through the ICEI project under the grant agreement No. 800858.