Access to the Fenix resources: An easy way for any domain!

20 Sep 2021

Are you an HBP-affiliated researcher? Or a neuroscientist not affiliated with HBP? Or maybe a Europe-based researcher in a completely different domain, such as physics, materials, geosciences, or genomics? Then be aware that there is an easy way to access the Fenix resources no matter which category you fall under!

If you are a Europe-based researcher from any scientific domain looking for computing, data or Virtual Machine services to enhance your research, you can benefit from the Fenix research infrastructure resources and take your project to the next level. Access to our services is straightforward and free of charge, and evaluation of the applications follows the peer review principles established by PRACE. Access is offered through different paths depending on your field and affiliation.

On our re-vamped Access page you can find clear instructions on the different ways to request access to our resources depending on your affiliation and domain:

  • European calls for EBRAINS/HBP-affiliated scientists: EBRAINS/HBP and Partnering Projects members interested in using the Fenix resources can apply via the EBRAINS/HBP allocation mechanism. Further information and the resource request form are available in the Fenix/ICEI Collab.

  • European calls for neuroscientists not affiliated with HBP: HBP offers in the context of the ICEI project access to the Fenix e-infrastructure. Read the full details in the Call announcement. If you are interested, please apply through this electronic project application form.

  • European calls for scientists of all research domains: Scientists working in Europe or in European projects in any other research discipline can apply for the Fenix services through the PRACE-ICEI dedicated Calls for Proposals. Visit the PRACE webpage for more information on the process.

  • National Calls for scientists of all research domains: Access is also offered through the national access mechanisms, associated with the Fenix partners. Find the relevant information from the individual network pages on our Access page.


Do not hesitate to get in touch directly with us at: icei-coord[at] for any questions!

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Fenix has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme through the ICEI project under the grant agreement No. 800858.